Vicente Zamorano Casales (born 6th June, 1976) is a Mexican attorney-at-law. Zamorano currently functions as a third-party defense lawyer running his own law firm as a substitute to the Scisco Investigations Group, a PI agency active in the metropolitan area of Los Santos.

Zamorano grew up in Mexico where he was associated with the Gulf Cartel (or Cartel del Golfo) in the forms of a legal clientship with some of its members. Zamorano studied law in Guanajuato and was active as a lawyer for several years. In 1993 his parents died in a flood caused by Hurricane Gert that barged through Central America. This sort of numbed Zamorano down. After one of his clients was put away and the blame was shifted on Zamorano, he escaped the country and immigrated to Los Santos.

This is where he established a Mexican grill restaurant, Coco Cabana, in East Beach, Los Santos and eventually applied to be a registered State BAR attorney and continue his work in that workfield after befriending himself with Michael Tazawa, a Japanese-American Private Investigator that had established a PI firm at the time, Scisco Inc.

Zamorano is a general good-doer and a realist.

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