The Penal Code of San Andreas forms the basis for the application of criminal law in the American state of San Andreas. It comprehensively codifies all crimes recognized by the state and usually rigidly enforced by state and local law enforcement. It was originally enacted in 1872 as one of the original four San Andreas Codes, and has been substantially amended and revised since then. 

Contents Edit

  • PREAMBLE: Policy and Guidelines
  • TITLE 1. Of Crimes Against The Person (101-108)
  • TITLE 2. Of Crimes Against Property (201-218)
  • TITLE 3. Of Crimes Against Public Decency (301-308)
  • TITLE 4. Of Crimes Against Public Justice (401-420)
  • TITLE 5. Of Crimes Against The Public Peace (501-505)
  • TITLE 6. Of Crimes Against Public Health And Safety (601-609)
  • TITLE 7. Of Crimes Against State Dependents (701-705)
  • TITLE 8. Vehicular Offenses (801-811)
  • TITLE 9. Control Of Deadly Weapons (901-909)
  • TITLE 10. Sentencing Enhancements (1001-1003)
  • TITLE 11. Road Law (1101-1117)
  • TITLE 12. Criminal Defenses (1201-1206)
  • TITLE 13. Amendments & Additions (1301—)

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