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The Reform Party is a major local political party based in Los Santos. It is officially affiliated with the San Andreas Reform Party which in turn is the state branch of the United States Reform Party. The Branch Chairman currently is Jonathan Schrader, a prominent figure in local politics, and the Vice Chairman is Kenneth Harrison, an attorney. The Reform Party's ideological stance is arguably moderate and its mission is to promote reform within the local government.

History Edit

Party policy Edit

Structure Edit

Local Executive Board Edit

The Local Executive Board is the municipal management branch of the state party. It consists of the Chairman, the party leader, and the Vice Chairman, who doubles as a chief of staff.

Policy Department Edit

The Reform Party's Policy Department is chiefly responsible for formulating and coordinating the policy development of the party. The department is led by the Policy Advisor.

Public Relations Department Edit

The Public Relations Department creates and develops the party's public image as well coordinates events. The department is led by the Press Secretary.

Legal Department Edit

The Legal Department formulates legal policy from the Policy Department's reports. Furthermore, it handles party lawsuits as well as internal legal disputes. The department is led by the General Counsel.

Membership Edit

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