Singer/Drummer Aelwen Wiliams at a concert, in Glasgow, Scotland.


Los Santos, USA.


Pop Punk, Synthpop, Electronic, Metal

Years Active


Current Members

Ariel Cole (Bass guitar) Aelwen Wiliams (Drums, synths,vocals) Carly Shay (Vocals, synths, guitar)

Past Members

Isla McBride (Vocals, synths, drums) Caroline Kirsipuu (Vocals) Kate La'Pierre (Guitar) Elena Summers (Bass)

Record Label

Kirnote Records

Narcissus is an American punk pop/synthpop group formed in late 2014, by founding members Isla McBride, Carly Shay, Kate F.N.V.G La'Pierre, and Elena Summers.

Elena Summers left due to leaving LS in late 2014, and Ariel Cole joined the band in early 2015. The band currently consists of Carly Shay, Ariel Cole, and Aelwen Williams. Kate was kicked out of the band due to having issues with one of the members, and not respecting the other members. The band released it's debut album on the 11th of February, 2015 . 2nd lead singer Isla McBride passed away on the 29th of January, being replaced on vocals fully with Carly Shay, and being replaced on drums and synths by Aelwen Williams. The band toured Europe and Oceania, in early March of 2015, selling out concerts in Auckland, Helsinki, Glasgow, Swansea, Cardiff, and Melbourne. The band has kept quiet on social media recently, supposedly on a hiatus, due to lead singer Carly Shay adopting a child, and others pursuing professional ventures in governmental and medical fields, although the band is set to start recording music again soon.

The band announced a new collaboration with Canadian Singer/Songwriter Josh Ramsay, called Sing Sing, on the 26th of March, the song was released on Itunes the day after, it is their first collaboration, and is expected to be on an upcoming album.

Carly left to form her own new band, with Caroline Kirsipuu (EX-Wife of Aelwen Wiliams) replacing her, although Carly re-joined the band a matter of weeks after she left, with her replacing Caroline.

The band officially released their second album on May 15th.

Discography Edit

The band has released several singles, which include.

-Whatever Makes You Break (2014)

Vocals - Carly Shay

Guitar - Kate La'Pierre

Drums - Isla McBride

Bass - Elena Summers

-Invaesion (2015)

Vocals - Carly Shay

Drums/Synths - Isla McBride

Bass - Ariel Cole

-Cosplay The Hard Way (2015)


Lead singer Carly Shay.

Vocals/Drums - Isla McBride

Guitar/Backing vocals - Carly Shay

Bass - Ariel Cole

-Lies (2015)

Vocals/Synths - Isla McBride

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Bassist Ariel Cole

Backing vocals/Synths - Carly Shay

-Anti-Faith (2015)

Vocals/Guitar - Carly Shay

Synths/Drums - Aelwen Wiliams

Bass - Ariel Cole

Sing Sing (To Me) Ft. Josh Ramsay

Vocals - Josh Ramsay

Guitar - Carly Shay

Drums - Aelwen Wiliams

Bass - Ariel Cole

Good To You (Ft. Josh Ramsay)

Vocals - Josh Ramsay/Aelwen Wiliams

Guitar - Carly Shay

Bass - Ariel Cole

Drums - Aelwen Wiliams

Angel Eyes (Ft. Chris Motionless)

Vocals - Carly Shay/Chris Motionless

Guitar - Carly Shay

Bass - Ariel Cole

Drums - Aelwen WIliams

Solo Careers Edit

Several members have released solo covers, these include:

-The Mother We Share (CHVRCHES Cover) - Isla McBride

After Carly left the band, she formed her owned band, called Asphyxiation.

Invaesion (Album) Edit

Narcisuss' debut album, Invaesion, included all the singles previously released, and several new songs, which include:


Vocals/Synths - Isla McBride

Guitar - Carly Shay

-I Would Die 4 U (Prince Cover)

Vocals/Synths - Isla McBride

Synths - Ariel Cole

Synths - Carly Shay

-Sunlight Through A Straw

Vocals/Guitar - Carly Shay

Drums - Aelwen Wiliams

Bass - Ariel Cole

-World In A Bottle

Vocals - Carly Shay

Drums - Aelwen Wiliams

Bass - Ariel Cole


Vocals/Synths - Isla McBride

Synths/Guitar - Carly Shay

Synths - Ariel Cole

Synths - Aelwen Wiliams

The album was uploaded completely without charge on music streaming service SoundCloud, and can be listened to here:

Angel/Eyes Edit

The band released this album on the 15th of may, and it was the first album without Isla McBride on vocals.

Track list:


Storm Chaser


Broken Bones

Feel Alive

Hang Man

The Wanderer

Strong Hand

Whatever The Case May Be

All vocals except Strong Hand and Broken Bones were done by Carly Shay. Vocals for Strong Hand and Broken Bones were done by Aelwen Wiliams. All bass was done by Ariel Cole, all guitar by Carly Shay. All synths done by Aelwen Wiliams and Ariel Cole.

The album was released, like Invaesion, for free on SoundCloud[1]

Chart success Edit

The band have realesed several charting songs, which include:

Song CAN Top 40 US Alt. UK Alt UK Top 40 AUS Alt. CAN Alt.
Whatever Makes You Break - 10 15 - 2 3
Invaesion - 8 2 30 1 5
Cosplay The Hard Way - - - - 10 3
Lies 30 2 1 15 1 2
Gun 10 1 1 5 1 1
Anti-Faith 15 5 2 25 2 20
Sing Sing (Ft. Josh Ramsay) 2 4 1 30 1 1